About the app.
Observing the trends towards decentralization that 21st century

innovation has promoted, our team has decided to not only align

— but spearhead our progression into the inevitable:

A democratized, social ecosystem for real estate search and exchange.
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Real estate is a dual-natured good (consumption, investment).

Regardless of primary intent, owners of real estate and real

property, in any shape — are investors.

Listing Service
Plus Investment features a universal listing service,

empowering users with a democratized search

experience. OMNI® is our remedy to an age-old

obstacle across listing services around the globe.
Accelerating all facets of the modern real estate

transaction using The App To Invest In™.
We will develop a massive, highly-transactional,

liquid real estate marketplace. By doing so,

Plus Investment will become the standard for

property exchange over the air.
Are you ready to start making

real estate transactions on the go?